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Luke Bryan Talks Raising Children: ‘It All Starts With The Father In The Home’

via ABC News
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Country music icons Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, along with their famous friends of Buck Commander, gathered at Bryan’s farm near Nashville, Tennessee, to discuss fatherhood and parenting.

They emphasized the importance of being a positive example for their children and the challenges of raising kids in the current world.

Aldean and Bryan both highlighted the significance of spending time with their families and leading by example. (Trending: Fox News Star Accused Of Major Scandal)

They also stressed the need for positive reinforcement and being there for their children during both good and tough times.

The discussion also touched on the impact of their actions on their kids and the importance of showing affection and love towards their spouses.

“You’re a product of your environment,” Aldean said.

“The home and the parents are the biggest part of that. You lead by example,” he said.

“Being a parent and trying to navigate what’s going on in the world is extremely tough right now. I mean my kids are about to start school and with how things are, I don’t even want to do that.”

“Just last week I had to tell one of my boys, ‘I know you have seen me do this… but that doesn’t mean you do it.’ But it all starts with the father in the home — they lean on us as the example,” Bryan said.

“I did it with my dad. I mean my wife tells me once a week, ‘You sound like your daddy.’ When I know I have a hunting trip coming up, my dad used to do it too, my gear is all laid out perfectly and ready to go — I do it the same way he did it, and now my boys do it too.”

“I think too, through all their good days and bad, you have to uplift them. To teach them to cut themselves some slack,” he said.

“I have seen this world put pressures on my boys that I never even thought about when I was a kid. Especially in my case, just because they are my children, I have to sit them down and remind that it will be ok.”

“I have two older daughters that got into volleyball. I didn’t know anything about volleyball. I wanted them to play softball,” Aldean said.

“But, I went to games and learned as much I could about volleyball, and we talked about it. For this group it’s hard. We all travel so much. When I am with them, I take as much advantage of it as I can.”

“When I am at home, I don’t hang out much. I spend time with my family. I may sneak out to hunt [laughs] from time to time. But for the most part, I am there with my family giving them my undivided attention.”

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