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Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother Addresses Rumors of Secret Blackmail Sex Tapes

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Mark Epstein, the brother of Jeffrey Epstein, expressed skepticism about the existence of blackmail sex tapes made by the disgraced financier.

He believes Jeffrey, who had substantial wealth and connections, did not need to resort to extortion for money.

Mark also highlighted Jeffrey’s financial expertise and the powerful connections he had forged. (Trending: Pro Sport Announces Shock Decision On Transgender Athletes)

Mark Epstein said, “This is just an opinion — I never really believed they existed.”

“Jeffrey was buying islands in the Virgin Islands. He had his own private 727 [jet]. Do you think he needed to make money by extortion?” said Mark.

“He knew how to make money in the financial world. He knew all the dirty tricks. When he was on Wall Street he learned all the tricks before Wall Street was cleaned up,” continued the sex offender’s brother.

“I think you could argue that I knew Jeff better than anybody, and some of these stories seem so far fetched,” said Mark.

“There was not an extensive camera system in the New York House,” he explained.

“I was told there were no cameras in the house — like spycams. But… I wasn’t there,” Mark admitted.

“I was actually on the plane with Donald Trump and my brother,” recalled Mark. “Back then, I regularly flew with my brother,” added Mark.

Despite theories and allegations surrounding the existence of such tapes, Mark Epstein remains unconvinced.

“I’m not here to defend him. What he did was wrong. But that’s not my concern. My concern is that my brother was murdered,” argued Mark.

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