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Aaron Rodgers Loses It Over Government Censorship: ‘I Don’t Know Why More People Aren’t Upset’

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NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers discussed COVID censorship and expressed frustration with the media’s tendency to cancel and censor individuals during the pandemic.

He highlighted the impact of lockdowns and protocols, emphasizing the loss of businesses, financial devastation, and the widening wealth gap.

Rodgers criticized the misinformation, vilification of early treatments, and the focus on vaccines, pointing out the adverse effects such as increased mental health issues and suicide rates. (Trending: Fox News Star Accused Of Major Scandal)

He underscored the need to address these issues rather than simply moving on.

“This is the game plan of the media. This is what they do. They try and cancel. And it’s not just me. It’s nowhere near just me… I mean, you can look at all the different people who’ve been censored from the internet, especially during COVID,” Rodgers said.

“They’re canceling everyone on the censorship, using the government to try and censor people. And if that doesn’t work, then they go to name-calling.”

“I don’t know why more people aren’t upset with that. Everybody who lost people to COVID, everybody who dealt with the draconian measures, and that’s my last point, then, I just want to f—— move on. But people are always like why are you still talking about COVID? Why don’t you just move on? It’s just ridiculous.”

“I’m like, well, let’s see what happened. They locked everybody up forever — was supposed to be a couple of weeks. They locked everybody up. Hundreds of thousands of businesses closed and never opened again.”

“Dozens of people that I know in their 30s that poured everything into these small business and restaurants and bars and never opened again. So they lost everything. They’re out on their a–, right. The wealth gap got even bigger from the haves and have-nots. They lied to us over and over. They vilified early treatments.”

“They censored legitimate doctors in the space like Dr. Peter McCullough, like Dr. Pierre Kory, like Dr. Robert Malone who was allegedly was there in the beginning of the mRNA technology. And so many more people than that.”

“The Alex Berensons of the world, the Weinsteins of the world who were like writing about this, talking about this — Bret Weinstein — and had an informed opinion about this.”

“They were arresting people who were surfing in California; they closed the beaches. I don’t know what percentage, but probably 60% of the country is Vitamin D deficient. And, you know, Vitamin D does well against the common cold as does Vitamin C, as does zinc.”

“As does a number of home remedies that we all have. But no. Stay inside. Wait for this vaccine. Which is 100% safe and effective because they told us.”

“So my whole point is listen, they lied to us many times over. They locked us up. They closed our businesses. They increased mental health issues exponentially.”

“The rates of suicide went way up. And they vilified us. The draconian things and ridiculous shutdown. We lost billions of dollars. There are no NFL owners who are mad about this now that we look back and go, ‘Oh, well maybe we could have stopped this with a little bit of early treatments.”

“Or like not giving remdesivir and ventilators to these patients. Treat it like the common cold and you have the symptons and you start doing something about it and treat it. I have a problem with that because people now like ‘move on.'”

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