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Comedy Legend Calls Out Darkness In Hollywood: ‘I Know So Many Things I Shouldn’t Know’

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Comedian Katt Williams made controversial statements on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast, targeting Hollywood celebrities as “deviants” and predicting their exposure in 2024.

He claimed to have collected information on people’s “secrets” and called out celebrities like Kevin Hart and Ludacris, making allegations about their careers and connections to the Illuminati.

Williams also expressed his lack of fear of backlash and accused those who sold their soul in Hollywood of acting like it didn’t happen. (Trending: Chilling Arrest Footage of Trump Co-Defendant Provides Glimpse Into Jack Smith Probe)

“Race is not where the line is drawn,” Williams said. “It’s God’s side and the other side, and we don’t care nothing about the other side, period. All of these big-d— deviants is all catching hell in 2024. It’s up for all of ’em.”

“It don’t matter if you Diddy or whoever you is … all lies will be exposed. That’s all, and anyone who takes that the wrong way, know why they take it the wrong way … the truth is the light.”

“Because, in 30 years, I’ve done nothing but collect information, knowledge, and your secrets,” Williams said. “So, if you and a man was in a corner doing something you wasn’t supposed to be doing … somebody come to tell me.”

“I gather that. I value that. I’ll pay for that. Come tell me. I know so many things I shouldn’t know, and they all know it … You don’t make me the villain, not the guy that raises Black children and ain’t never done a hard drug in his life, and don’t have no stories of doing nobody dirty, and they’ll just go out and lie, ‘The industry doesn’t mess with Katt because he didn’t show up for the studio.’ No studios have ever said that.”

“He already had his deals when he got here! Have we heard of a comedian that came to LA, and, in his first year in LA, he had his own sitcom on network television, and had his own movie called ‘Soul Plane’ that he was leading? No, we’ve never heard of that before that person or since that person,” Williams said of Kevin Hart.

“What do you think a plant is? Maybe people don’t understand the definition of these words.”

“Satan can’t create anything. That includes blessings for his people. That’s why, you know what the No. 1 job of somebody that sold their soul in Hollywood is? Is to act like it didn’t happen,” he added later.

“Gotta get that anger up outcha champ….It’s honestly sad,” Hart wrote.

“Never been Illuminati, only Ill-Luda-nati/And I only left with b—— when coming from any party,” Ludacris wrote online.

“Now I’m married with kids, the evolution of life/Never been a clout chaser, never say s— for likes/RIP John Singleton, you never have to flex when you earned every one of your Fast and Furious checks/Afro with the sideburns, yeah that’s my signature/Addiction’s on the rise, comedians check your temperature.”

In response, both Hart and Ludacris addressed Williams’ attacks on social media.

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