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USA Boxing to Allow Trans Fighters to Compete Against Women

via NBC Sports on Youtube
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USA Boxing has implemented a new transgender policy allowing men to compete in the female category of amateur and Olympic-style boxing.

This has sparked criticism from female boxers and other athletes, who argue that allowing men to compete against women in boxing poses a significant safety risk.

“The purpose of this policy is to provide fairness and safety for all boxers,” USA Boxing stated. (Trending: Transgender Actor ‘Purposefully Misgendered’ By Airline Employee)

They believe that this move will inevitably ruin boxing for women who have trained for years to compete at the highest level and could lead to serious injuries.

“This is wrong on so many levels. I will never agree to this… it’s bad enough having trans women breaking records in other sports like track and field, swimming and power lifting but it’s a bit different to them breaking our skulls in combat sports where the aim is to HURT YOU not just break a record,” Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges wrote online.

“[H]owever I think it’s wrong in ALL SPORT,” Bridges added.

“I have nothing against trans but can’t be skewing the line in sport…. You don’t see reference or debates for transmen in sport… cos it’s not a threat… It ain’t just about the test levels what about their bone density and a heap of other biological factors.”

“I don’t care about ‘political correctness,’” Bridges said.

“[I]t’s politically incorrect to have a man fighting a woman.. and [I don’t care] that’s exactly what it is… this society is too soft.. this is our health and safety.”

“The girls need to stick together or women’s sport in 50 years will be filled with male born champions.”

“USA Boxing to allow men to punch women on camera, under lights, with fans cheering,” NCAA volleyball player Macy Penny posted on X.

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