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Lawmakers With Defense Industry Connections Blamed For Stalling UFO Transparency Bill

via Rep. Abigail Spanberger
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Members of the House Oversight Committee will receive a classified briefing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), previously known as UFOs.

This interest surged after a former intelligence officer alleged evidence of alien vehicles, leading to a congressional hearing.

Witnesses, including a retired Navy pilot and former Navy commander, shared experiences with UAP. (Trending: Sports Icon Dies Suddenly At 56)

Additional claims of harm and retrieved alien bodies have been made.

Despite a NASA report denying extraterrestrial origins, global interest remains high.

Recent incidents, including a near-miss involving a Ryanair plane, have added to the urgency.

In the UK, concerns over demonic forces obstructing investigations were raised, while in the US, demands for transparency and the formation of a panel of experts have been met with opposition.

The proposed UAP Disclosure Act aims to reveal government records and seize recovered technologies, but faces resistance from some members of Congress with ties to defense companies.

Despite skepticism, Mexico also held a congressional hearing, which was disrupted by claims of non-human beings, leading to a diplomatic dispute.

This growing interest in UAP extends beyond the US, but has faced criticism and skepticism from the scientific community.

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