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Rapper Azealia Banks Comes After Musk: ‘You’re Really Not As Brilliant As You’d Like To Seem’

via TheBLACKMedia on Youtube
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Azealia Banks criticized Elon Musk for his views on diversity, equity, and inclusion, calling his statements illegal and ignorant.

She argued that DEI is essential for marginalized groups to thrive and for the country’s advancement in science and technology.

Banks also mentioned a previous feud with Musk and his partner, Grimes, dating back to 2018. (Trending: Hollywood A-Listers Revealed In Epstein Court Documents)

This conflict arose after Banks visited their home, leading to negative tweets and ongoing tension.

“DEI, because it discriminates on the basis of race, gender and many other factors, is not merely immoral, it is also illegal,” Musk wrote.

“No, stupid,” Banks said.

“DEI exists in this moment to help accelerate marginalized groups’ understanding of, ability to function in, and potential to become self-sufficient, productive and hopefully innovative members of America’s rapidly evolving debt slave society. Did you forget you were one too?”

“You’re really not as brilliant as you’d like to seem,” she added.

“The United States falls far behind China as far as science/manufacturing/productivity goes. If the USA continues to leave the marginalized out of spaces where they can learn computer sciences/robotics/physics etc … chemistry etc, in the event of a conflict with China or India….. the very small group of ‘educated’ white men will be wiped out immediately with no one around to help them, because the rest of society has been excluded from learning HOW to help.”

“DEI ensures your p—y a– survival idiot,” she said.

“If your fear is that we will learn things we could use to oppress, insidiously poison and massacre you…. fear not. If we were to do it. it Def would have happened already. We are not obsessively stalking and monitoring the way y’all do.”

“The day the proverbial great white man realizes the black man is his ONLY friend on earth is the day that black man sleeps thru the alarm with his earplugs in and eyeshade on .. lol … crackers don’t get it.”

Additionally, she was subpoenaed in a lawsuit related to Musk’s tweets about Tesla.

“The first round of Elon Musk b——- was stressful enough,” Banks said.

“I don’t have the bandwidth for another row with him.”

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