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Left-Wing Activists Promise To Remove ‘Pro-White Biases’ From White Toddlers

via NPR
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Academics and activists collaborated to create a guide on teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) to young children, emphasizing that kids exhibit racial bias as early as three years old.

The guide, titled “Reflections on Children’s Racial Learning,” was developed by the organization EmbraceRace and aims to instill liberal beliefs on race among young children.

It has faced criticism from parent’s rights activists who oppose the politicization of education. (Trending: Pro Sport Announces Shock Decision On Transgender Athletes)

The guidance states, “Children will ‘naturally’ grow up to be non-racist adults only when they live in a non-racist society. Until then, adults must guide children’s anti-racist development.”

“We have far to go before the US can be considered a ‘non-racist society.’”

The literature also stated that “by about 3-4 years old … white children generally show clear pro-White biases.”

Michele Exner, the Senior Adviser at Parents Defending Education, said, “Any individual or group trying to claim babies can be ‘racist’ has ceded any pretense to be taken seriously. At three-and four-years-old, children should be learning their numbers, letters, and basic social skills, not racially charged content that is being pushed on them by radical organizations looking to enrich themselves through race-baiting.”

“One of our approaches to dismantling systemic racism in education is offering summer camps for children in rising 1st – 5th grade. In these camps we have trained anti-racist educators helping children build healthy racial identities by teaching them about race, racism, its impact on communities, and how to actively resist racism in our communities,” explains the guidance.

The guide’s support for CRT and its specific methods for pushing CRT on young children have sparked controversy amid the wider national debate over the ideology’s presence in American schools.

Additionally, the funding source and political affiliations of EmbraceRace have been scrutinized.

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