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Cornel West Blames ‘Racism’ for Harvard President’s Resignation in ‘Antisemitic’ Post

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Progressive activist and independent presidential candidate Cornel West attributed Harvard President Claudine Gay’s resignation to racism and criticized figures and forces enabling violence against Palestinians.

West’s post sparked backlash, with critics labeling it as antisemitic.

Gay’s resignation followed plagiarism allegations and her involvement in antisemitism scandals at Harvard. (Trending: Hollywood A-Listers Revealed In Epstein Court Documents)

Dr. Cornel West wrote, “How sad but predictable that the same figures and forces enabling the ethnic cleansing and genocidal attacks on Palestinians in Gaza – Ackman, Blum, Summers and others – push out the first Black woman president of Harvard!”

“This racism against both Palestinians and Black people is undeniable and despicable!” he continued.

“I have experienced similar attacks from the same forces in academia with too many of my colleagues remaining silent!” he exclaimed.

“When big money dictates university policy and raw power dictates foreign policy, the moral bankruptcy of American education and democracy looms large! But we shall remain strong in our fight for Truth Justice Love!” added West.

West, known for controversial rhetoric, previously faced criticism for his statements about Israel and Hamas.

His remarks about Gay’s resignation and broader political views have stirred controversy and drawn criticism from various figures.

“This is about as blatant antisemitism as one is likely to see from an Ivy League professor. How are any of the named individuals responsible for anything going on in Gaza beyond being Jews? What does Ed Blum have to do with Christine Gay beyond being a Jew?” commented David L. Bern­stein, founder of The Jew­ish Insti­tute for Lib­er­al Val­ues (JILV).

“I guess Cornell really needs attention, even more than usual, and thinks appealing to antisemites is the way to be it,” he continued.

Columnist Michael Freund wrote, “How sad and predictable that instead of blaming Harvard President Gay herself for repeatedly committing plagiarism, Cornel West chooses instead to deflect by invoking the race card when he knows full well that this has nothing to do with race.”

National Jewish Advocacy Center director and legal expert Mark Goldfeder said, “Set aside everything else for one moment- this insanely antisemitic post from @CornelWest blames the (nonexistent) ‘ethnic cleansing’ and ‘genocide’ in Gaza on… American Jews.”

“Since it was liberal white democrats that pushed her out and targeted you too, I see why you don’t support democrats anymore,” commented former lawmaker Vernon Jones.

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