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Selena Gomez Signals End Of Music Career

via NBC
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Selena Gomez hinted at the end of her music career during an appearance on the “Smartless” podcast.

She expressed fatigue with music and a preference for acting, mentioning that she has “one more album” in her before focusing on acting.

Gomez emphasized her love for storytelling through songs and her desire to settle into acting. (Trending: Pro Sport Announces Shock Decision On Transgender Athletes)

Selena Gomez said, “I started having a lot of fun with music and then touring was really fun.”

“But I was doing my TV show [‘Wizards of Waverly Place’] at the same time, and I just found it really fun, so I just kept going,” she recalled.

“But the older I get, the more I’m kind of like, ‘I would like to find something to just settle on,’” she continued.

“I do feel like I have one more album in me, but I would probably choose acting. I am gonna wanna chill because I’m tired,” said the pop singer.

“Disney is, it’s safe to say, a machine and, in a way, forcefully requires that I know how to sing so I could sing the theme song [of a show],” explained Gomez.

“They know how to package someone and make it a whole triple threat thing. I don’t think I’m the best singer. But I do know how to tell stories and I love being able to make songs,” said Gomez.

Despite her success in music, she feels more drawn to acting.

The transition aligns with her background in acting, starting with her role in “Wizards of Waverly Place” and culminating in recent Emmy nominations for her work in “Only Murders In The Building.”

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