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Ramaswamy: GOP Base Needs To Choose The General Who Is Not Yet Wounded, Trump Got ‘Duped’ By Managerial Class

via NBC News
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Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican presidential candidate, believes he is the best choice to lead the “America First” movement, despite his support for former President Trump.

He emphasized the need for new leadership in the current cultural war within the United States and claims to be best positioned to lead without being “wounded” in that war.

Ramaswamy also mentioned that some individuals who support Trump have expressed interest in his candidacy, suggesting that people are carefully considering their options. (Trending: Trump Announces Heartbreaking Melania-Related Health Update)

Despite low polling numbers, he is committed to continuing his campaign until the end.

“Well, you’ve been setting a lot of those expectations for yourself, you know, saying that you can beat Donald Trump, who, right now, is polling in the Des Moines Register/NBC News Iowa poll at 51%. You’re at 6%. You know, what happens if you don’t shock the world? Would you be willing to continue your campaign into New Hampshire?” Brianne Pfannenstiel asked.

“Well, I’ll say a couple things. I’m goin’ in this to the very end, and I’ll tell you why. But if you look at even a lot of that polling, which I think is incomplete, some of those recent polls show I’m the runaway favorite for the second choice to Donald Trump, which suggests that people are actually weighing those options very carefully,” Ramaswamy said.

“There’s a gentleman who came to one of our events in Northeastern Iowa yesterday. He was wearing a Trump 2024 hat. (LAUGH) He came to my event and he asked a question, so I, you know, lightly called out in a jovial fashion. I said, ‘I noticed the hat you’re wearing.'”

“He says, ‘Yeah, I’m wearin’ the hat, but I’m supporting you. I think it needs to be somebody different. I’m convinced of that. But it’s what this represents.’ And that actually spoke to me. It was interesting.”

“And I just remember this because this was yesterday, but we see evidence of that across the board of people who absolutely do say they support Donald Trump.”

“In many sense, I support Donald Trump and his legacy as U.S. president. I respect what his contributions are to this country. But when making the choice of who’s gonna lead our America First movement to the next level, that’s a separate choice.”

“I do think we’re in the middle of a kind of cold cultural war in this country between those of us who love the United States of America and a fringe minority who hates this country and what we stand for.”

“And when it comes to selecting a commander in chief, a general to lead us to victory in that war, I think I’m best positioned to do it with fresh legs, as a leader who is not yet wounded in that war. And I do think a lot of people see that back in me, as well, and will be making that choice accordingly on January 15th,” he added.

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This article was originally published at Publications approved for syndication have permission to republish this article, such as Microsoft News, Yahoo News, Newsbreak,...