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‘Lobster-Red’: Joe Biden Returns From Vacation With Sunburn

via FOX
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President Joe Biden returned from a Caribbean vacation with a noticeable sunburn, sparking media attention due to his history of skin cancer.

Critics, including those from both sides of the political spectrum, commented on his sun safety practices, given his previous health concerns.

The President’s stay at a luxury villa, reportedly owned by Democratic donors, raised questions about disclosure of such vacations. (Trending: Trump Announces Heartbreaking Melania-Related Health Update)

Steve Doocy said, “Absolutely lobster red. We’ve seen him up in Delaware, he loves to be up at the beach. Here’s the thing, that is nine months after he had surgery to remove skin cancer from his chest. You gotta wonder-”

“Not a lot of sunscreen,” interjected Brian Kilmeade.

“No, not on his face. I mean, he is bright red,” said Doocy.

“But you wonder, come on, Joe. You trying to kill yourself? Stay out of the sun!” exclaimed Doocy.

Mark Paoletta, a senior attorney from Trump’s White House, said, “Joe Biden has been staying for free at donors’ homes for years and has never included these vacations on disclosure forms.”

“These are not longtime friends, they are wealthy donors, so there’s no excuse to not disclose,” said Paoletta.

“But because his name is not Clarence Thomas, who visits his friends at their homes and does not have to report, the media don’t care. They protect Biden and are only interested in one side,” continued Paoletta.

The situation drew comparisons to recent criticisms of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for undisclosed vacations, highlighting the differing media treatment of the two figures.

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