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Congressman Confirms Epstein Blackmail Among Colleagues

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Congressman Tim Burchett stated that members of Congress are being threatened to block the release of names associated with Jeffrey Epstein.

He believes that some politicians have been compromised, linking it to the power of unelected individuals and deep state forces.

Burchett described how politicians can be manipulated using compromising situations. (Trending: Judge Announces Historic Ruling In Jeffrey Epstein Case)

“I believe so. One hundred percent, one hundred percent,” said Burchett.

“I was told by the Whip, I said, ‘What happened to my amendment?’ and he said, ‘It was killed by the intelligence community.’ And I said, ‘You mean the Intelligence Committee?’ and he said, ‘No, the intelligence community.’ It was not even brought up, and these are unelected bureaucrats that have that much control,” he added.

“We’ve gotta start electing people with guts in both parties.”

“You’ve got powerful people, and they write the big checks… They hate this country, they hate what we’re about, but they love their portfolios and they love their money more than they do anything else, and they protect it. They protect the people that do that. And by doing so, they’ll honeypot,” said Burchett, referencing the tradecraft scenario of putting politicians in compromising situations.

“This is how it works: You’re out of the country, out of town.. and some, whatever you’re into—comes up to you, they’re very attractive and laughing at your jokes. Next thing you know, you’re in the hotel room with them naked. You’re getting ready to make a key vote, and some well dressed person comes up and whispers in your ear, ‘Hey man, there’s tapes out on you, and you really ought not to be voting for this thing.’”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has reportedly prevented the release of Epstein’s flight logs, but over 170 names, including former U.S. presidents and influential figures, are expected to be disclosed.

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