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Fetterman Speaks Up On Young Anti-Israel Voters: ‘It’s Outrageous’

via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Youtube
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Senator John Fetterman expressed concern that younger voters are getting a distorted view of the Israel-Hamas conflict from TikTok.

He highlighted that many young people disapprove of President Biden’s handling of the conflict and suggested that TikTok may be influencing their perspectives.

Fetterman emphasized his support for Israel, attributing the conflict to Hamas and underscoring Israel’s desire for peace. (Trending: FBI Bribery Probe Caught Joe Biden’s Brother On Tape)

He criticized Hamas’s actions and stated that peace is not possible as long as Hamas exists.

Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) said Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that younger voters were getting a “warped” view of the Israel-Hamas war from TikTok.

CNN’s Jake Tapper said, “Let’s go back to talking about Israel and the divisions in the Democratic Party, particularly among young voters when it comes to Israel’s war against Hamas.”

“Seventy-two percent of young voters, according to this new poll, disapprove of how President Biden is handling the Israel-Hamas war. You’ve been very vocal in your full support for Israel.”

“The Israeli flag is behind you in your office there. You’ve been arguing that Hamas bears responsibility for the tragedy of what’s going on in Gaza.”

“Why do you think so many younger people, especially in your party, see it differently?”

Fetterman answered, “I really don’t know. I do know that a lot of people are getting their perspective from TikTok.”

“I think if you are kind of getting your perspective on the world on TikTok, it’s going to tend to be kind of warped or not reflective of the history and actually doing things the way they are.”

He added, “That is very clear is that Hamas started this, and they actually broke the ceasefire, and they attacked and murdered babies, children, women, attacked a music concert and everything.”

“It’s outrageous. From now on, it’s been very clear that Israel would very much want there to be peace, but they have made it very clear that after October 7, that’s not possible so long as Hamas is allowed to exist.”

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