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Kid Rock Criticizes Target For Selling Trans Clothes, Tells Fans to Buy Concert Tickets Instead

via Fox News
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Country rock musician Kid Rock, also known as Robert James Ritchie, has renewed interest in boycotting retail giant Target due to their sale of clothing designed by an alleged Satanist and a swimsuit marketed toward children.

This comes after Target suffered a significant stock market loss following a marketing partnership with the alleged Satanist.

Kid Rock’s post promoting a patriotic music gathering and criticizing Target’s products has sparked renewed attention to the controversy. (Trending: Here Are The Most Disturbing Ways Hunter Biden Spent His Millions)

“Black Friday is here! You could go to Target and get a great deal on a women’s swimsuit with a penis pouch 😂🙈….. or you could buy tickets to the most patriotic music gatherings in the world … Hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving, God Bless. -Kid Rock” Rock posted.

Target attempted to limit the damage by pulling the offending items from its website, but the impact on the company was significant, as the company’s stock took a $15 billion loss.

“One of the shirts that designer Erik Carnell displays on his website says ‘Satan respects pronouns,’ with an image of a goat-headed medallion, and another of a guillotine that reads ‘Homophobe Headrest,'” the report noted.

“Another partnership with Target involved an organization calling for Mount Rushmore to be abolished.”

It remains to be seen if Kid Rock’s attempt to reignite the Target controversy will be successful.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh said, “What Target is doing is far worse than anything Bud Light did. They are selling chest binders and ‘tuck-friendly’ bathing suits for children… We did it with Bud Light. Now it’s Target’s turn.”

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