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US Civilians Are Taking Protection Of The Border Into Their Own Hands

via KGUN9
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Civilian patrol groups such as Arizona Border Recon and anti-government militias along the US-Mexico border have been stepping up to fill the gaps where the United States government has failed to secure the border.

The groups aim to disrupt smuggling activities, and have attempted to influence the national debate surrounding immigration.

So far, they have shown success in intercepting migrants, and have garnered support from mainstream politicians. (Trending: Ousted Democrat Who Filmed Explicit Tape Blames Homophobia)

“They got dumped down here by the cartel,” group leader Tim Foley said of a group of smuggled individuals.

“They didn’t know where the hell they were at.”

“We would have brought them back [into our camp] and fed them,” Foley said.

“Women and children, hey, I’m not going to let ‘em ——-’ die. If they were in camouflage clothing and they are all males, we would have pushed them back into Mexico.”

Their presence has also raised concerns about potential violence and clashes with law enforcement.

“It’s not going to be too long before these guys get hot on their triggers, running around playing army and end up killing somebody,” Humane Borders board member David Sarando said. “I think that’s where it’s headed.”

“Under the Constitution, if the government cannot protect you, you have the right to protect yourself, and that’s what we’re doing,” Foley said.

“If getting off the couch and doing something is extreme, then, sure, we’re extremists. Sitting on the couch thinking everything’s rainbows and unicorns? That’s asinine.”

The border situation has led to controversial actions on behalf of everyday citizens, such as erecting makeshift walls and deploying armed civilians, reflecting the deep divisions and frustrations surrounding immigration policies.

“I think there are a lot of Americans, if they didn’t have to worry about making a living for their families, that you would probably see them lined up on the southern border,” Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb said.

“That is how angry they are. That is how furious they are with this administration and this open border policy to the point where they want to go pick up a gun and stand on the border to secure it because the government’s not doing it.”

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