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Liz Cheney Calls On Fox News Viewers To Ditch Donald Trump

via CNN
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Former Rep. Liz Cheney urged viewers not to support former President Donald Trump, citing his failure to uphold the rule of law and his attempt to seize power.

She emphasized the importance of upholding the Constitution and urged Fox viewers to vote for candidates who will abide by it.

Cheney encouraged people to vote for someone else in caucuses and primaries, stressing the need to support individuals who will uphold the rule of law, as she believes Trump has demonstrated that he won’t. (Trending: FBI Bribery Probe Caught Joe Biden’s Brother On Tape)

“Every single president, Republican and Democrat, since George Washington, has ensured the peaceful transition of power,” began Cheney.

“Donald Trump tried to seize power,” claimed the former lawmaker.

“So we can disagree with Biden policies, but the fact that he tried to seize power, the fact that he ignored the rulings of 61 courts, the fact that he ignored his own attorney general, his own White House counsel, who told him what he was saying about the election was false,” she continued.

“It wasn’t true. His claims were false, and he went out and made them anyway, knowing that,” charged Cheney.

“The extent to which he, while a violent mob was assaulting the Capitol, he wouldn’t tell them to leave,” Cheney continued.

Adding, “Instead, he tweeted against his own vice president and he poured fuel on the flames. Those are lines that can’t be crossed.”

“And look, this isn’t about policy,” she claimed.”

Highlighting, “I voted with Donald Trump 93% of the time.”

“This is about the nation. It’s about the republic. It’s about the Constitution,” she proclaimed.

“What I would say to Fox viewers, and I worked here for many years as you know, the race today presents a number of candidates who will abide by the Constitution. You can have the policies that we all want, some of which Donald Trump put into place, some of which he didn’t. We can have conservative policies without having to torch the Constitution.” suggested former Republican representative.

Adding, “I would urge people watching today who are going to be voting in those caucuses and those primaries, vote for somebody else. Do not vote for the person who already tried to seize power.”

“This is about ensuring that you’re going to vote for somebody that you will support somebody who is going to uphold the rule of law. Donald Trump has demonstrated he won’t,” concluded Cheney.

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