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Rudy Giuliani Says D.C. Verdict Only Proved It’s ‘A Fascist Court’

via PBS NewsHour
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Rudy Giuliani appealed the $148 million defamation ruling against him, claiming the judge forced excessive personal discovery of his finances and ruled against him for not complying fast enough.

He criticized the judge, alleging bias and political motivations, and emphasized that he was not given a fair trial.

Giuliani accused the trial of being rigged and suggested it was an attempt to silence him on election integrity questions. (Trending: Obama Reveals His Fear For Joe Ahead Of 2024)

Giuliani believes the trial was unjust and reflective of a broader issue within the current administration.

“How can you not be so sad for the country?” Giuliani said.

“Here I am in the District of Columbia: The first time I came here I got goose bumps; I’m going to leave here thinking that this District of Columbia court is a fascist court.”

“I knew when she was assigned to the case, I knew we were dead,” Giuliani said of U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell. “I didn’t realize we were that dead.

“Do you realize that I never got a chance to put in a single bit of evidence in defense? My liability was based on the fact that I didn’t completely comply with discovery, and I turned over thousands of documents, and I sat for a deposition and did not take the Fifth Amendment.”

The documents Giuliani was allegedly too slow to turn over were tied to the “financial status of my present companies.”

“Which might have to do with whether I can afford the $148 million, which I can’t, but has nothing to do with whether I’m right or they’re right,” Giuliani said.

“A lot more important would be all the videos at the time that all your viewers have seen. The jurors never got to see those videos. We never looked at what happened at the arena.”

“They were told by the judge that, because of her ruling, Giuliani lied. Giuliani never got a chance to say, ‘Gee, would you like to take a look at what I saw? How about an independent decision on whether I lied or not.'”

Rep. Elise Stefanik filed an ethics complaint filed against Judge Howell for a “highly inappropriate political speech” in November.

“I didn’t know she had given this speech in which he talked about the Jan. 6 defendants, and really about Donald Trump, his big lies,” Giuliani said.

“And she’s also the one who got very upset when the Jan. 6 defendants weren’t getting enough sentences as far as she was concerned, and she abraded the prosecutors and said the sentences should be heavier. That is not a role for a judge.”

“It’s not a trial,” Giuliani said. “I never had a trial.

“This is way beyond them. And my desire to move on with this case, it’s really to save the republic. Trials like this do not happen in a country that’s ruled by law. Trials like this happen in a country that’s ruled by a regime, which is what the Biden machine is, it’s a regime.”

“And this is not the only desecration of justice in this regime. It’s one of many. It has to stop.”

“The jurors never saw a single defense from Giuliani, so I don’t blame the jurors, except the money is ridiculous,” Giuliani said. “The amount of money they awarded is absurd.”

“The money reflects the absurdity of the way the judge conducted the trial.”

“Also, the lawyers here were Biden lawyers. These women could not have afforded these lawyers. Is it a coincidence that the chief lawyer worked with Hunter Biden and represented the crooked Burisma?”

“Who’s the guy who revealed that? Who? Me. Why do you think they’re coming after me? Because if it wasn’t for me, nobody would know about Joe Biden.”

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