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Kelly Reveals What CNN Host Did To Make Her More Interested In Ramaswamy’s Message

via The Megyn Kelly Show
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Megyn Kelly criticized CNN’s town hall event moderated by Abby Phillip, expressing frustration at the frequent interruptions of Vivek Ramaswamy.

Kelly stated that the interruptions were a disservice and only made her more interested in Ramaswamy’s points.

She and the hosts of the Ruthless podcast discussed how the interruptions added weight to Ramaswamy’s argument. (Trending: Joe Biden Impeachment Formalized As Republicans Unite)

“That Abby Phillip is annoying. She is such an interrupter. Like shut the eff up. Let him make his point. If you want to fact-check him later, then do. Shut up though,” Kelly said.

“Let him finish. You invited him there. Let him make his —- point. And if you watch the whole clip, it’s not like he was going on forever. Like, it was a reasonable amount of time he took to set up his point. Just ——- let him make it.”

“I, too, am, like, leaning in,” Kelly said.

“The more she’s trying to censor what he’s saying, I’m like, ‘What’s he saying? Why is she so averse to it?'”

“It just adds more weight to his argument if it seems like he’s being censored,” the Ruthless host added.

Ramaswamy, vying for the 2024 Republican nomination, is the youngest candidate in the race and has participated in a solo town hall on CNN, as well as being confirmed for the network’s debate in Iowa.

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