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Dr. Fauci Says Practicing Catholicism Is a ‘Thing That I Don’t Really Need to Do’

via CNN
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Dr. Anthony Fauci has faced backlash for saying he identifies as Catholic but does not attend church.

He stated that his personal ethics are enough to keep him on the right path and mentioned negative aspects of the organizational Church.

The comments have garnered criticism on social media, with some accusing him of dishonesty regarding coronavirus gain-of-function research. (Trending: Elon Musk Condemns Arrest Of Jan 6 Protester)

Katty Kay questioned Fauci whether or not he attends church, to which he said, “no.”

“You don’t practice [Catholicism] anymore?” she asked.

“No,” he answered.

She then asked for the reason.

“A number of complicated reasons,” he said.

“First of all, I think my own personal ethics on life are I think enough to keep me going on the right path,” Fauci said.

“And I think there are enough negative aspects about the organizational Church,” he added, pressing that Kay should be “very well aware” of them.

“I’m not against it,” he said.

“I identify myself as a Catholic. I was raised, I was baptized, I was confirmed, I was married in the Church.”

“My children were baptized in the Church… But as far as practicing it, it seems almost like a pro forma thing that I don’t really need to do.”

“The arrogance of man is truly a sight to see. Thou shall worship lord Fauci because he ended up being wrong about everything. It’s science!!!!” one X user wrote.

“His moral compass should send him directly to hell with no stop in purgatory,” another commented.

“[H]is ethics?!?!? oh please, still smug and indignant,” another person remarked.

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