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Former Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway Leads Charge to End Dems’ 2024 Advantage

via CBS Mornings
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Kellyanne Conway is leading the effort to reform the Republican Party’s abortion strategy for the 2024 elections.

She emphasizes the need for promoting contraception and finding consensus on abortion to counter the Democrats’ use of it as a “turnout intensifier.”

Conway stresses the importance of speaking with conviction and compassion, citing polling data in support of contraceptives. (Trending: Obama Reveals His Fear For Joe Ahead Of 2024)

She argues that reaching a consensus on a 15-week national minimum standard for abortion could reflect both conviction and compassion.

Conway believes that such a strategy could expose what she views as radical Democratic positions on abortion and contraception.

“I think pro-lifers have to be very mindful to speak about two people being involved in an abortion — the baby and the mother. So, I’m urging opinion leaders and office holders and all their decision makers, as well as candidates, to speak with conviction and compassion. That’s the piece that’s missing,” Conway said.

“The overwhelming data in contraception polling is meant to work in tandem with, not in lieu of, the pro-life abortion messaging,” she added.

“To speak with conviction and compassion, to reflect consensus, to move hearts and minds, means that if you want to discuss a 15-week national minimum standard, then you are reflecting consensus,” she said.

“When you do that, you get up to 71% of America, and that reflects consensus. But it also shows conviction and compassion, because in 15 weeks, a woman knows she’s pregnant and the baby can feel pain,” she added.

Conway pressed that if Republicans can reach an agreement, they will potentially be “smoking out” Democrats who hold “radical, extreme, out-of-step, out-of-sync positions on abortion, anyone, anytime, anywhere, anyhow.”

“They’re against taxpayer-funded abortion. They’re against sex selection abortion when a woman can learn she’s pregnant in the morning, learn the sex of the baby by noon and schedule an abortion for that afternoon. Now, people will say that’s not true because they don’t want it to be true. That is true. What I just said to you is a fact,” Conway said.

“When you give these shock-the-conscious anecdotes, and you couple that with warm-the-heart information, then you have a more winning message,” she said.

“Pro-lifers should not be ostriches, they should be peacocks. They should not bury their head in the sand. They should be very proud that they’re on the right side of science and medicine and morality and common sense and consensus opinion.”

“We’re getting ahead of that by showing that this is a winning issue to say that you believe that women, and yes, men, but women, who can legally access contraceptive measures are able to do that now,” she said.

“It is a losing formula to cede to the Democrats the women’s vote, women’s health, choice, women’s health care. And so we’re expanding what that means, and we are smoking out the Democrats.”

“When they say, ‘We’re for women, and we’re for women’s health,’ what they really mean is abortion. It’s all a euphemism for abortion. And if you don’t believe me, believe them. They cannot even condemn Hamas’ rape of women, beheading and baking babies and raping women. And the reason they’re not interested in that is because they’re interested in one thing — abortion.”

Conway aims to redefine women’s health and choice beyond abortion, asserting that Democrats use euphemisms for abortion and are not genuinely interested in women’s well-being.

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