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Former MMA Fighter, Green Beret Tim Kennedy Talks Reality Of Israel And Gaza

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Tim Kennedy, a former MMA fighter and Green Beret, discussed the situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

He highlighted the difficulty Israel faces in dealing with an embedded insurgency, citing the intentional use of civilians as shields by Hamas.

Kennedy emphasized the challenges of fighting insurgencies and the difficulty in limiting civilian casualties. (Trending: Devastating News For Hunter Biden After Defying Subpoena)

He also pointed out the propaganda battle and the complexity of the situation, noting the intentional positioning of military equipment in civilian areas by Hamas.

“The attempt to create moral equivalence between what Hamas did and what Israel is doing in the Gaza Strip is astonishing. I can see that as a commentator,” Shapiro said.

“But you obviously have the military expertise and military experience. You’ve been in these situations. What exactly is it that Israel is facing in the Gaza Strip?”

“What we see Israel trying to do right now is identify military targets that are in Gaza, that are the Hamas terrorist organization,” Kennedy said.

“We don’t want to just leave October 7 as the standalone thing that has happened because that’s intellectually inaccurate and historically wrong. Hamas has a long history of attacking Israel on countless occasions — not just intifadas, not just big assaults and attacks and the things that we saw on October 7, and terrorist attacks.”

“But it has been a constant execution of this long plan of trying to incite Israel so they’ll lose in a propaganda battle.”

“Israel is trying to do the right thing, they’re just doing it the wrong way, and this is just my opinion,” Kennedy added. “They are trying to limit as many civilian casualties with a group that are intentionally hiding amongst civilians, and a populist that, frankly, is sympathetic to Hamas.”

“When Hamas was returning from the attacks to the Palestinians, into Gaza, what we saw was rejoicing in the streets,” he said.

“They were excited about the success of the attack. They were getting constant updates inside of Gaza. And you can find the videos, you don’t have to trust my word. You can go and look at the Palestinians rejoicing at the death of 1400 people, taking out 200 captives; the rape, torture, and murder of children and Holocaust survivors. It’s atrocious.”

“And Israel now has to go block by block, door by door, fighting an embedded insurgency,” he went on. “And they’re trying to do it in a way that is acceptable to the world. And that’s the problem right there, Ben.”

“We’re not going to be able to fight the state-on-state thing that we so desperately have been wanting to fight,” Kennedy said.

“The last time America was truly a dominant aggressor in a war was in WWII. Since then, we have not really decidedly won any wars. And it’s because of what’s happening here in Gaza — it’s a perfect example of it. They’re not fighting by the rules that Israel is fighting by.”

“They’re hiding in hospitals, they’re hiding behind women, they’re intentionally taking their military equipment and positioning it at schools. These are the things that terrorist organizations and insurgencies do. And these are not the things that a proper military would do.”

“So it’s a hard battle, and every time that you try to take a block, you’re of course going to incur civilian casualties, because the bad guys are hiding with the civilians intentionally and using them as human shields,” he said.

“So any time an Israeli soldier tries to move to try and find insurgents, of course there’s going to be a civilian casualty because that’s what Hamas wants, and that then continues this revolving door of propaganda. So it’s a real tough situation that Israel’s in right now.”

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