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Republicans Refuse To Budge On Their Border Demands

via WSYX ABC 6
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Sen. J.D. Vance walked out of a meeting with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, expressing skepticism about providing more U.S. aid to Ukraine.

Other senators also opposed aid, linking it to a separate immigration law dispute.

Sen. Lankford indicated that resolving the aid question may extend into 2024. Vance received praise for his stance, with some calling it “courageous.” (Trending: Dr. Fauci Says the Unthinkable About Going To Church)

“Vance is one of those skeptics, Ukraine skeptics, who is opposed to providing more aid to Ukraine,” said CNN’s Manu Raju.

“A handful of other senators decided not to go to this meeting because of their opposition to aid to Ukraine,” added Raju.

“Zelenskyy has a high hurdle here in order to convince Republicans, in particular, to green-light aid to Ukraine amid a separate dispute, a dispute over changing immigration laws to deal with the migrant crisis at the southern border with Mexico,” explained the CNN host.

“Republicans want a deal on immigration first before they agree to more aid to Ukraine,” confirmed Raju.

“So, even as Zelenskyy is making this pitch, we don’t expect many minds to be changed,” predicted the host.

“Again, we have a responsibility to the United States of America,” said Lankford.

“That would mean me going to back to my state and saying, ‘I care about people in other countries but I don’t care about what’s happening in my own country. It’s important that we actually do two things at once here,” stressed the Republican senator.

Kevin Roberts, the president of The Heritage Foundation, said “We need more courageous leaders like [Vance] to speak the truth about what’s really happening in Washington.”

“Predictably, ‘The Blob’” is outraged that anyone would have the audacity to question another $60 billion for Zelensky,” he continued.

“Proud to stand with my friend from Ohio, who knows what time it is in America,” he added.

However, not all Republican senators shared Vance’s dismissiveness.

Sen. Tillis mentioned a warm reception for Zelenskyy and noted that the Ukrainian leader addressed concerns about corruption and the use of U.S. dollars.

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