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Biden Admin Creates Pathway With Eco Groups To Shutter Energy Source Serving Millions Of Americans

via New York Post
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The White House, in collaboration with Native American tribes and environmental groups, has announced plans to potentially remove four hydroelectric dams in Washington to protect salmon.

This decision stems from an agreement reached with the tribes and environmental organizations, aiming to support regional and Tribal efforts to restore wild salmon in the Columbia River System.

The plan includes a $1 billion fund for wild fish restoration and the development of new clean energy power operated by tribes. (Trending: Democrat Excludes White People From Holiday Party In Controversial Email)

“President Biden understands that the Columbia River System is the lifeblood of the Pacific Northwest, and for the first time under his direction, federal agencies are putting all hands on deck to support regional and Tribal efforts to restore wild salmon in the region,” White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Chair Brenda Mallory stated.

“Today’s historic agreement marks a new direction for the Pacific Northwest,” said White House clean energy czar John Podesta.

“Today, the Biden-Harris Administration and state and Tribal governments are agreeing to work together to protect salmon and other native fish, honor our obligations to Tribal nations, and recognize the important services the Columbia River System provides to the economy of the Pacific Northwest.”

However, opposition from Republican lawmakers, power industry groups, and agriculture groups highlights concerns about the dams’ clean energy output, impact on climate goals, and harm to agriculture exports.

“Congress — and Congress alone — can authorize removal of the dams on the lower Snake River. Bureaucrats, activist litigation, nor this administration’s radical agenda will determine the fate of any of the Northwest’s federal dams,” Sen. Jim Risch said.

“This litigation effort was useless: It occurred behind closed doors, between two parties who wanted the same end result — to tear out our dams, and it completely excluded Idahoans who rely on the River System for its energy, transportation, agriculture and recreation benefits,” he added.

“I will continue to fight any breaching efforts, and, at every turn, I will reject the Biden administration’s efforts to usurp Congressional authority.”

“Instead of working with all interests, the U.S. Government chose for months to hold secret negotiations and refused to share any details with us, let alone allow our participation,” the executive directors of Northwest RiverPartners, the Public Power Council and the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association said.

“It is not surprising, then, that this proposal turns its back on over three million electricity customers as well as the farming, transportation, navigation and economic needs of the region,” they added.

“By purposely excluding our respective organizations from the negotiations, literally millions of Northwest residents were deprived of fair representation in this process.”

The potential removal of the dams remains a contentious issue, with debates surrounding energy, climate, and economic implications.

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