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Top GOP Candidate For N.C. Governor Spread Islamophobia On Facebook For Years

via America First Policy Institute on Youtube
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Mark Robinson, the leading Republican candidate for governor in North Carolina, has a history of making Islamophobic comments on social media, including mocking and attacking Muslims from 2012 to 2017.

His posts also include demeaning women and referring to LGBTQ+ people as “filth.”

Robinson’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment on these posts. (Trending: Dr. Fauci Says the Unthinkable About Going To Church)

Robinson reportedly said it was “sad” that religious freedom applied to Muslims, and that it permitted them to be “free to do as they please,” in a social media post.

“Anyone who says anything about it is a bigot,” complained Robinson.

“Someone just asked me if I trust Muslims and respect Islam,” recalled Robinson on X.

“I told them I’ll do both when I’m allowed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Saudi Arabia and Saudi women are allowed to drive to my church to hear it,” he continued.

“Until they let us build churches in Saudi Arabia, we shouldn’t let them build mosque in America,” wrote the leading Republican candidate for NC governor in 2016.

In 2017, Robinson reportedly referred to the co-chair of the 2017 Women’s March Linda Sarsour, a hijab-wearing American political activist, as a “mummy wrapped anti-American blabber mouth.”

“Someone should open an Islamic theme park, wrote Robinson. “That would be a blast,” he joked.

Steven Greene, a political science professor at North Carolina State University said, “We have seen ever since the elevation of Trump, Republican primary voters, again and again, time and time and time again, choosing the candidate who makes an awful general election candidate in a purple state.”

“My presumption is Mark Robinson will fall right into this pattern,” predicted the professor.

Despite this, he is the front-runner in the Republican gubernatorial primary, although he recently drew a new challenger.

There are concerns about his viability in the general election due to his controversial statements.

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