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Joe Biden Published His Life Story In A Book, But Still Can’t Remember It

via PBS NewsHour
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President Joe Biden shared a story about President Ronald Reagan offering him the use of “Air Force — Helicopter One” during a snowstorm to get emergency medical care for a brain aneurysm in 1988.

While Biden did have surgeries for aneurysms, the details of Reagan’s offer appear to be at least partially fabricated.

Reports indicate that neither Biden’s autobiography nor Reagan’s presidential diary mentioned such an offer, and weather conditions prevented helicopter transport. (Trending: Dr. Fauci Says the Unthinkable About Going To Church)

Biden has a history of repeating debunked stories and a lacks credibility in his recollections.

“President Reagan was nice enough to send Air Force Helicopter One to take me down, but it couldn’t fly,” Biden said.

“And so my fire department, my fire department came up, put me in the back and took me on heavy snow on the day I went down to Walter Reed,” recalled Biden.

It is assumed that Biden meant “Marine One” when he referred to the presidential helicopter as “Air Force Helicopter One”.

The New York Post reported, “Press reports indicate that then-Sen. Biden was admitted to Walter Reed on Feb. 12, 1988 — and Reagan’s daily diary, which includes a detailed account of his meetings and phone calls, shows no discussions about sending the chopper to assist the Democrat.”

“In fact, Reagan himself was unable to use Marine One on the morning of Feb. 12 due to poor weather, according to a handwritten annotation, forcing him to take a motorcade to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland to board Air Force One for a flight to Los Angeles,” continued the report.

Biden’s account in his autobiography also made no mention of the White House offer.

“My brother Jim began making calls all over the world to find neurosurgeons who had experience with this operation and could be available fast. My best chance, Jim discovered, was to get to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, outside Washington, D.C.,” claimed Biden in his memoir, adding a detail that the doctor was “one of the most experienced and accomplished practitioners of the relatively new procedure required to save me.”

“Weather conditions made a medevac helicopter flight too dangerous,” claimed Biden.

“I had no idea what time it was, but I found myself on a gurney, my test results strapped to my chest, being wheeled out the doors of Saint Francis [hospital in Wilmington, Delaware] toward a waiting ambulance.”

“We rode on for about half an hour … as the ambulance driver picked his way through the snowstorm until suddenly we noticed we weren’t moving anymore. The snow was coming down harder, and we weren’t going anywhere,” wrote Biden.

“‘The Maryland State Police aren’t sure where to go,’ came the answer. ‘Move!’ Jill yelled. ‘We can’t.’ ‘Dammit,’ she said, “move this ambulance!’ The next thing I knew, we were moving again,” recalled Biden.

This comes amid other exaggerated stories, including one about a small kitchen fire that Biden claimed required the fire department, as well.

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