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Trump Recalls Conversation Where Ted Kennedy Described Biden As ‘The Dumbest’ Senator

via Fox News
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Former President Donald Trump recounted a conversation with the late Ted Kennedy, who reportedly called Joe Biden “the dumbest” member of the United States Senate.

Trump emphasized Biden’s mental state, suggesting a deterioration since his time in the Senate.

Additionally, Trump expressed concerns about Biden’s ability to handle nuclear weapons, criticizing his speaking abilities and media support. (Trending: Democrat Accused Of Blocking Release of Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs)

“We have somebody that was never at the top of his game,” said Trump, about Biden.

“25 years ago, he wasn’t one of the light bulbs. He wasn’t one of the bright ones,” Trump recalled.

“So Ted Kennedy, believe it or not, was a friend of mine because of Palm Beach. They lived in Palm Beach at what’s called the Kennedy compound,” explained Trump.

“And I once I did him a big favor one time. And somehow he liked me. I liked him, even though we were opposite in many ways, politically, certainly,” the former president continued.

“And I said to him, who’s the smartest guy in the Senate?”

Trump confessed that he “doesn’t really like the guy,” but admitted that he was still an elected official.

“I said, ‘who’s the dumbest?’” recollected Trump.

“He said, ‘probably Joe.’ I said, who’s Joe? ‘Joe Biden,’” said Trump.

“Nuclear weapons is the single biggest problem the world has,” explained the former president.

And we have people you know, it used to be 10 years ago, even five years ago, even three years ago, nobody would have thought about nuclear. You couldn’t mention the word. Now it’s being mentioned at every meeting,” he warned.

“Nuclear weapons are the biggest problem we have, and we have a man that can’t put two sentences together. We have a man that doesn’t know he’s alive, and he’s backed up by the media,” charged Trump.

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