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‘Epic Contrast Between Freedom Vs Statism’: Commentators Weigh In On DeSantis, Newsom Debate

via CBS
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received strong praise for his debate performance against California Governor Gavin Newsom, with many conservative commentators lauding DeSantis’ command of facts and policy issues.

DeSantis was widely seen as the clear winner, particularly for his substantive arguments against California’s progressive policies.

Newsom was criticized for not answering questions and making false claims. (Trending: Olympic Gold Medalist Sentenced For Jan 6)

Conservative radio host Mark Levin tweeted: “DeSantis went up against the Democrat Party star and whipped him.”

“It’s just that simple.,” he added.

Clay Travis said, “I was 100% wrong on this debate. I thought Gavin Newsom would be likable and intelligent.”

“I was incorrect,” confessed the radio host.

Continuing, “This is a massacre. If this were a boxing match, Newsom’s corner would have thrown in the towel a long time ago. Complete and total win for DeSantis from open to close.”

“It’s a blessing for DeSantis that California doesn’t enforce criminal laws anymore,” joked James Woods. “Because he murdered Newsom tonight,” he added.

Sen. Mike Lee wrote, “Ron DeSantis cleaned the floor with Gavin Newsom tonight.”

“Well done, @RonDeSantis!” cheered the Utah Republican.

Media analyst Joe Concha said that “this was the knockout of any chance Gavin Newsom had at national office.”

“Simple reason: It is impossible to escape or defend the state of California under his leadership,” said Concho.

“Highest taxes in the country. Highest poverty rate in the country. Highest homeless rate in the country. Highest exodus rate in the country,” listed the expert.

“If given the choice between the country being Florida or California, it’s not even remotely close, even for many Democrats. Newsom’s charisma or looks can’t defend the facts on the ground. Plain and simple,” concluded Concha.

The debate’s instant reaction poll on Drudge Report gave DeSantis a clear victory.

Overall, DeSantis was commended for his performance, while Newsom’s approach was widely criticized.

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