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‘Don’t Invite Parents’: School Teacher Called LGBT Club ‘Bubbles’ To Keep It From Being Identified

via ABC
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A teacher at Red Bud High School in Illinois deliberately concealed the existence of a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Club from parents by referring to it as “Bubbles” and excluding them from Google meetings about the club.

This action is part of a trend of parental exclusion policies seen in school districts, which aim to influence children to hide information from their parents.

The superintendent of the school district confirmed that the teacher’s actions violated district policy, emphasizing that the district does not support keeping information from parents. (Trending: Olympic Gold Medalist Sentenced For Jan 6)

The former Red Bud teacher reportedly gave instructions on how to only give access to students.

“We use google classroom,” the teacher allegedly admitted.

“I don’t invite parents though,” her email continued.

“In the beginning we named it something that did not identify the group, but the kids knew what it was. ‘Bubbles’ was what they came up with. Kind of random, but they all knew,” recalled the ex-teacher.

“Good problem to have though, are you getting an increase in allies or students that identify as LGBTQ? We really need more allies in our group.”

Michele Exner, a senior advisor for Parents Defending Education wrote in a statement, “This is all a part of the dangerous trend of parental exclusion policies that we have seen take root in school districts across the country.”

“These misguided school officials want to exploit their positions to influence children to hide information from their parents,” she continued.

“Parents are the ones who maintain the right to raise their children and should not tolerate schools that want to shut them out of the process,” insisted the activist.

Superintendent Jonathan Tallman said, “This district does not support, whatsoever, keeping anything from our parents.”

Adding, “It’s not going to happen here.”

Additionally, an email from a sixth-grade teacher at Collinsville Community Unity School in Illinois revealed a different approach to communication with parents, indicating that parents were made aware of any club their children participated in.

The yearbook coordinator from Collinsville said, “We use ClassTag. And load the kids ‘guardian’ with their e-mail or cell number. It is a website/app platform that messages and texts too.”

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