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Doctor Treating Hostages Freed From Hamas Describes Unprecedented Abuse


A doctor treating freed Hamas hostages in Israel describes an unprecedented level of psychological abuse endured during captivity.

The survivors are suffering from severe physical and mental abuse, including starvation, beatings, sexual abuse, and inhumane conditions.

Children were exposed to brutal videos and constant threats. (Trending: Olympic Gold Medalist Sentenced For Jan 6)

Even those appearing physically unharmed are dealing with severe post-traumatic symptoms and dissociative states.

“I can tell you that on behalf of all the medical and psychological teams treating those who return, the mental states we encountered have no precedent in medical literature. We feel that we have to rewrite the textbooks of post-trauma,” Dr. Renana Eitan said.

“Those held captive were subject to starvation, to beating, to sexual abuse. They were being held in inhumane sanitary conditions. Extremely severe psychological abuse was inflicted on them, including separation from family members, separation of siblings, separation of children from their mothers.”

“They were held in solitary confinement and spent long days in total darkness until they developed severe hallucinations,” Eitan added.

“Children were forced to watch brutal videos. They were under constant threats by weapons and threats to harm them even after they were released.”

“They refer to the forced use of psychiatric drugs and other substances.”

“Some of the home comers, they look happy, they look fine, they look physically fine, and we try to hold on to those optimistic signs, but still, even those who seem fine, we know that most of them [are] suffering from severe post-traumatic symptoms, they have painful, traumatic memories.”

“And they are entering into dissociative states, where for a moment they feel as if they are still in captivity and only later do they return to the understanding that they have been released,” she said.

The doctor emphasized the need for immediate release of the remaining hostages due to the long road ahead for physical and mental rehabilitation.

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