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Tucker Carlson Issues Dire Warning: ‘If This Is Allowed, Our System Won’t Continue’

via Forbes Breaking News
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Conservative journalist Tucker Carlson expressed concern about the ongoing criminal cases against former President Trump, warning that if Democrats succeed in prosecuting Trump on dubious charges, it could lead to the collapse of the American system of government.

Carlson emphasized his support for Trump and criticized the legal actions against him, questioning the legitimacy of the charges.

“Well, I mean, you know, the New York Times had a piece, I think it was Jonathan Swan, who’s smart, and had a piece telling you what you already knew, kind of, but proving it with numbers, that Trump became the nominee in August of last year, 2022, when the FBI went through his wife’s underwear drawer in his house,” he said. (Trending: Olympic Gold Medalist Sentenced For Jan 6)

“Like, that was so insane, that even if you’re like, oh, I can’t deal with more Trump, and he didn’t actually do anything, and put Jared in charge, you know, like there are lots of frustrations you could have about Trump if you supported Trump and you could be disappointed,” Carlson added.

“But the second the FBI raids his house on a documents charge, and anyone from Washington, as I am, can tell you that’s like insane.”

“Like every, that’s like so common it’s not, if they’re charging him for that that’s a joke. Where are the felonies he supposedly committed? I was led to believe he like murdered people and buried them in the Meadowlands,” Carlson said of Biden’s case.

“A-lot of people are like, you know, ‘I have mixed feelings about Trump, I don’t want to deal with more Trump trauma.’ But if this is allowed to happen, our system won’t continue.”

“That’s so outrageous that I mean, let’s just stop lying about it. That’s a political prosecution. You can’t have that of the presidential front-runner. You can’t have that We already did it with Nixon. You can’t do that again. And so, I think that’s the key to his surge.”

He also highlighted the potential implications of these cases, stating that allowing such political prosecutions could have detrimental effects on the country’s system.

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