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Bradley Cooper Speaks Out On Which Star Turned Down Oscar Winning Film

via Conan O'Brien on Youtube
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Bradley Cooper recently discussed various misconceptions about his famous roles in movies, including a surprise casting idea for “A Star is Born,” and debunked rumors about his character in “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

He also expressed his willingness to do a “Hangover 4” and revealed that he would immediately sign up to do it.

Shields described the experience as surreal and stated that she could barely wrap her head around the actor’s presence. (Trending: Olympic Gold Medalist Sentenced For Jan 6)

“I told two or three people in my life that you offered me that role in ‘A Star is Born’ and they look at me like ‘what the f—, you didn’t do it?’ I go ‘No!’ I think the guy who ended up doing the role was fantastic,” said Howard Stern during Cooper’s recent appearance.

Cooper said, “Just so it’s clear, that was before… the role, that was written for the person who played it… This was early, early things swimming in my head when I offered it to you.”

“I couldn’t believe how gentle your eyes are, how kind your eyes are, like, you can’t even hide it,” Cooper continued.

“I went, ‘No s—, that’s kind of intriguing,’” Stern said.

Adding, “I was really toying with the idea.”

The role of the brother in “A Star is Born” was eventually played by actor Sam Elliott, and Cooper starred alongside mega pop star Lady Gaga.

Stern added that he was open to the idea of collaborating with Cooper in future movie projects if the opportunity arises.

“I have to figure out the right thing so that you’ll say yes,” Cooper said.

“What did you do with your voice? Do you put something on your voice?” Howard Stern asked Cooper about his Guardians voice.

“No, nothing,” Cooper said. “They asked that about Rocket Raccoon … I took major offense to that.”

“Unless they’re lying to me, they have not augmented it at all,” Cooper added.

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