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Bill Maher: Dem Staffers Protesting for Hamas Because Schools Are Anti-America

via Real Time with Bill Maher
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Bill Maher discussed President Trump’s statement about schools teaching kids to hate America and expressed agreement with the idea of teaching students to love their country.

Maher criticized progressives for demonstrating for Hamas and suggested that they have been indoctrinated to give America its comeuppance.

He also highlighted a generational split within the Democratic Party on the Israel-Palestine issue, with many younger members siding with the Palestinians. (Trending: Olympic Gold Medalist Sentenced For Jan 6)

“He says under his administration, his next one, schools will teach students to love their country, not to hate their country like they’re taught now,” Maher said of Trump.

“I’ve got to say, this one doesn’t bother me so much. Because I think that — this is what I see when I see kids demonstrating, these progressives demonstrating for Hamas, the most illiberal people in the world, that, oh good, we’re going to give America its comeuppance, a—— America.”

“This is — they kind of have been indoctrinated this way. And Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) made a speech this week. He said, antisemitism is a five-alarm fire that must be extinguished. This is the highest-ranking Jewish politician we’ve ever had in this country.”

“He talked about when Jewish people hear chants like, ‘From the river to the sea,’ we understand that means wipe us out by any means necessary. Vulnerabilities in the party, James, the Democrats have a big split, generationally, on this issue.”

“The kids seem to be with the Palestinians and the older generation seems to be with Israel.”

Maher criticized White House and Democratic congressional staffers for publicly opposing President Biden’s stance on Hamas, expressing surprise at their actions.

“It wasn’t always like this…I never saw this, a couple of weeks ago, members of the White House staff protested against their own President.”

“Well, you’re staffers, you’re supposed to stay silent, what are you talking about? My boss is doing a s— job and I thought I’d go public with it? This is hundreds of people in Biden’s staff and on congressional Democrat staff who are publicly going against them because they’re not supporting Hamas enough.”

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