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Democrat Lawmaker Asks Republicans To Drop Support For Trump

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Rep. Jamie Raskin criticized Republicans who voted to expel former Rep. George Santos but continue to support former President Trump, stating that Trump’s actions are far worse.

Santos was expelled over ethics violations, with 105 Republicans joining Democrats in the vote.

Raskin argued that those Republicans should also withdraw their support for Trump, highlighting Trump’s falsehoods and incitement of the Capitol insurrection. (Trending: Greta Thunberg Caught on Video Going Full Anti-Semite)

“I do feel as if his offenses, his fraud, his lies, pale in comparison to the lies and fraud of Donald Trump, whose big lie that he won the presidential election, which he lost by more than seven million votes, 306 to 232 in the Electoral College, then led to his incitement of a violent insurrection against the Union,” Raskin said in an MSNBC interview.

“And so all those Republicans who voted to expel Santos should drop their support for Donald Trump immediately, who certainly engaged in far bigger lies than anything George Santos ever attempted,” he continued.

Raskin, a prominent Trump critic, emphasized the threat he believes Trump poses to the country’s future and noted that Trump faces various legal challenges, including those related to election fraud and the Capitol riots.

Raskin (D-MD) also claimed that the U.S. Constitution disqualifies Donald Trump from seeking a second term as president due to having “participated in insurrection.”

“The hard question is not should the courts end up deciding because the courts will have to decide this because it’s a Constitutional question,” he explained.

“The hard part is, did he engage in insurrection or rebellion? That’s the hard part for some people,” Raskin stated. (Trending: It’s Time For Donald Trump To Drop Out)

“Is incitement to insurrection participating in insurrection? The House of Representatives already impeached him for inciting insurrection,” he continued.

“57 of 100 senators voted to determine that he did engage in incitement to insurrection, so you have robust bipartisan, bicameral majorities defining that as a legislative fact.”

“But I think the alternative argument will be no, you need a criminal conviction first. It’s not enough to show that it happened.”

“And you know, against that, I would simply say, the language of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment says that you can’t run for office if you have sworn an oath to the Constitution, but then you participated in insurrection rebellion. It doesn’t say if you have been convicted of insurrection or rebellion. But I think that that will become really the heart of the legal argument,” he went on. (Trending: Judge Declines To Recuse From Trump 2024 Ballot Case)

“Donald Trump tried to overthrow Constitutional democracy. And the Constitution has a mechanism for dealing with that which is a very strongly pro-democratic mechanism. It says this is a big country. a lot of people can be president.”

“You don’t have to go back to somebody who has already proven himself to be untrustworthy by being disloyal to the Constitution and trying to overthrow the constitutional order.”

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