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Victoria’s Secret Apologizes After ‘Dehumanizing’ Trans Male In Women’s Changing Room

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Some women are calling for a boycott of Victoria’s Secret after the company apologized to a transgender individual who complained about mistreatment in a store dressing room.

The individual, who identifies as a trans woman, alleged a dehumanizing experience and staff allowing him to use the women’s changing rooms only after female customers had exited.

Victoria’s Secret responded with an apology, leading to backlash from multiple women who expressed concerns about prioritizing the demands of a transgender individual over the safety, privacy, and dignity of women. (Trending: Another Major Company Goes Woke And Goes Broke)

An X user identified as @Microdragons1 said, “I went through a thoroughly dehumanizing experience today at Victoria’s Secret due to my status as a trans woman.”

@Microdragons1 stated he had called in to complain about the behavior of the employees.

Victoria’s Secret invited him to contact their corporate office.

Multiple women criticized Victoria’s Secret for the apology. “I hope you will not make the mistake of prioritizing the demands of a paraphilic man over the safety, privacy, and dignity of women,” one user responded.

“Hello Victoria’s Secret. Women appreciate sex-based segregation for the purpose of keeping the fairer sex safe from creeps, sex pests, peeping Toms, fetishistic transvestites, rapists, men’s rights activists and the like,” lesbian activist Gaye Chapman replied.

“Not every male person fits that description, however they are disproportionately represented by those who want single sex spaces. Respect women, or our money will go elsewhere.”

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