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Trump Blasted By Haley For Avoiding The Debate Stage

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Nikki Haley accused Donald Trump of avoiding the debate stage and using tactics similar to President Joe Biden.

She also responded to claims that she is playing for second place behind Trump, stating that she is waiting for him to get on a debate stage.

Haley expressed a desire for Trump to confront other candidates and emphasized the need to move forward without chaos. (Trending: Chilling Surveillance Program Under Biden Exposed)

“I don’t play for second, I never have,” Haley said.

“I’m not going to do it now. We are now in second place in Iowa, second place in New Hampshire, and second place in South Carolina.”

“We’ve got one more fellow to catch up to, and the momentum is growing.”

“We can feel it on the ground in here in New Hampshire, we can feel it in Iowa, and we’re going to keep working,” Haley added.

“Look, President Trump would have loved to have AFP’s endorsement — everybody wants the largest conservative grassroots organization in America.”

“That’s millions of people on the ground in all of the early states that want to see a change in our country. And so I think President Trump would have loved to have that endorsement.”

“I’m running against President Trump,” Haley said.

“I’m waiting for him to get on a debate stage … He can’t start acting like President Biden. He needs to get on the debate stage. He needs to confront us.”

“He needs to let us talk about the differences and go forward.”

“The truth is you have to face facts,” she went on.

“I think President Trump was the right president at the right time, I agree with a lot of his policies, but the truth of everything is, rightly or wrongly, chaos follows him.”

“Chaos follows him. Everybody knows that, and with our country divided and the world on fire, we can’t live in chaos anymore.”

Trump currently leads the GOP field in national and early primary state polls, with Haley in second place in New Hampshire and South Carolina, and third place nationally and in Iowa.

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