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Biden Admin Under Fire For ‘Illegal’ Surveillance Program That Tracks Trillions Of Phone Records

via Joe Biden on Youtube

A secret White House surveillance program called Data Analytical Services (DAS) allows law enforcement agencies access to trillions of American phone records, including those of innocent individuals, without the need for a warrant.

The program, operated in partnership with AT&T, has been tracking over a trillion domestic phone records annually using a technique called chain analysis.

This vast and secretive program has raised significant privacy and legal concerns, as it operates under the radar and is overseen by the White House, exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. (Trending: Biden’s Mental Decline Getting Even Worse)

“The program, previously referred to as Hemisphere, has evolved to use a technique called chain analysis,” the report found.

“This method doesn’t limit itself to direct contacts of suspects; it also scrutinizes connections of those individuals, expanding its reach to a broader network of people, including innocent bystanders.”

“The program’s methodology significantly differs from traditional wiretapping, which requires a warrant based on probable cause. DAS instead relies on AT&T’s records, which include details like the names of callers and recipients, phone numbers, and the dates and times of calls.”

AT&T is not mandated by law to store these records. The company is voluntary cooperating.

“The scale of DAS is enormous, encompassing records that crisscross the entire United States through AT&T’s infrastructure,” the report added.

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