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Jack Smith’s Dystopic Nightmare of Government Overreach

via Sky News
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A court-authorized search warrant on Twitter seeking information from former President Donald Trump’s account, including the lists of users who liked or retweeted his posts, is under fire.

The warrant, issued by special counsel Jack Smith, has stirred controversy over potential government overreach and the implications for Trump’s followers.

The warrant also raised concerns about the protection of sensitive information and its role in investigations related to the 2020 election. (Trending: Another Major Company Goes Woke And Goes Broke)

Smith’s warrant application was described as a “dystopic nightmare” of government overreach by The Federalist’s editor-in-chief, Mollie Hemingway.

Conversely, Politico’s Kyle Cheney posted, “For some reason, the pro-Trump crowd has only just discovered tonight the search warrant for Trump’s Twitter account that was publicly unsealed (and extensively reported about) in August,” in support of the search warrant.

Hemingway wrote that the, “pro-DOJ crowd should be far less concerned tonight about the renewed interest and more concerned by the government overreach, but presumably it’s because of this court filing dated 11/27/23.”

Chief Judge James Boasberg ruled, “Ultimately, the undeniable need to protect an ongoing criminal investigation tips the balance to and the Government’s request to continue sealing.”

Adding, “There may yet come a time when press access becomes appropriate, but at present the Application is a premature bid for sensitive information pertaining to an active investigation.”

Former Chief Judge Beryl Howell, who presided over Trump’s case before Boasberg, had already asked Smith to further “refine” the search warrant that required such a large amount of data about social media users that were not suspects in their investigation.

“All tweets that include the user name associated with the account. That could be a lot of data. So I think you need to talk to them about how to refine that,” she said.

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