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Musk On Hamas: ‘No Choice But To Kill Those Who Insist On Murdering Civilians’

via The Sun

Elon Musk visited Israel and spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog about the need for decisive action against violence, educational reform, and economic development to foster peace.

He condemned the celebrations of violence and proposed neutralizing threats, educational reform, and economic prosperity as critical steps for addressing the Gaza situation.

“Your visit means a lot to us because the world is ever-changing and you are at the forefront of so many technologies and developments which look forward for humanity,” said President Herzog. (Trending: Chilling Surveillance Program Under Biden Exposed)

“On the other hand, you’ve seen how evil can supersede everything. You’ve seen it this morning, you’ve seen what hate can bring about, you’ve seen how thought turns into evil, into hate, and into bloodshed.”

“It is so close. And whilst you look forward with the most advanced technologies on Earth, it is clear that the oldest disease in humanity, antisemitism, lurks underneath and impacts so many societies.”

“It was certainly an emotionally difficult day, to see the places where people were murdered.”

“And also to watch the video where the murderers are rejoicing. Celebrating the murder of innocent people is extremely disturbing. So we have to do whatever we whatever is necessary to stop the hate.”

Musk emphasized the impact of propaganda on children’s minds and the importance of stopping the hate.

“Essentially these people have been fed propaganda since they were children. And it’s remarkable what humans are capable of if they’re fed falsehoods, from when they are children, they will think that the murder of innocent people is a good thing. That is how much propaganda can affect people’s minds.”

Musk added, “So you know, I actually did talk with the Prime Minister. And I think there’s three things that need to happen in the Gaza situation, there’s no choice but to kill those who insist on murdering civilians. You are not going to change their mind.”

“But the second thing is to change the education so the new generation of murderers is not trained to be murderers. And the third thing, which also very important is to try to build prosperity.”

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