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Weak Joe Biden Is Failing To Push Qatar To Arrest Hamas Leadership

via NBC News
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GOP Sen. Mike Lee of Utah is urging the United States to pressure Qatar to arrest Hamas leaders and freeze their assets in response to the hundreds of hostages held by the terror group in Gaza.

Lee has been critical of Qatar’s ties to terrorism and the Biden administration’s approach towards Doha.

He questions why the administration pressures Israel more than Qatar, which provides sanctuary to Hamas leaders. (Trending: Chilling Surveillance Program Under Biden Exposed)

Lee emphasizes the need to focus on Hamas and its enablers, including Qatar, Iran, and Russia, to address the problem effectively.

“Qatar has blood on its hands. President Biden should demand that Qatar arrest Hamas leaders and seize their assets. He should make this demand every day — twice on Tuesdays — at least until every hostage has been safely returned. If Qatar refuses, there should be consequences,” Lee posted.

“Qatar gives sanctuary to terrorists who committed war crimes against American and Israeli citizens. The United States should revisit its [cozy] relationship with Qatar,” Lee later said.

“Why does President Biden seem to put more pressure on Israel than on Qatar, which provides sanctuary to the terrorists who comprise the Hamas leadership?” Lee pressed.

“Israel knows what it needs to do to defeat Hamas,” he added.

“President Biden doesn’t. He should let Israel fight this war. If he wants to apply pressure to solve this problem, he should focus on Hamas and its enablers in Iran, Qatar, and Russia, just to name a few.”

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