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Jordan Provides Big Update On Biden Probes

via CNN
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Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan remains focused on holding President Joe Biden accountable, with plans for a potential impeachment investigation early next year.

Jordan also hinted at potential scandals involving Vice President Kamala Harris and Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

During a recent deposition, Jordan highlighted a meeting in Dubai where Hunter Biden and Devon Archer discussed the need for U.S. government help for Burisma, followed by Joe Biden’s actions in Ukraine. (Trending: Chilling Surveillance Program Under Biden Exposed)

“Jim Jordan, there may be some announcements in a minute or maybe not, but let’s talk just for a moment about the hearing,” said Fox News’ Larry Kudlow.

“You presided over the deposition yesterday. I think the general point here is that Joe — we now know that Joe Biden has been lying about knowing his son’s business activities.”

“Oh, sure,” Jordan answered.

“He lied during the 2020 debates, and he continues to lie since then.”

“Just tell us if you would, sir, what stands out in your mind from this deposition? What did you take away that was particularly interesting?” Kudlow pressed.

“Yeah. Mr. Archer said that Hunter Biden, the value he brought to the business operation they were involved in, was the Biden brand,” Jordan said.

“The Biden brand being Joe Biden, this powerful political figure in D.C.”

“And I think you saw that manifest in this meeting that took place that I thought really stood out in yesterday’s deposition, or interview was this meeting that took place December 4th, 2015, in Dubai, where Hunter Biden and Devon Archer are meeting with executives from Burisma, the guys who run Burisma, Mr. Zlochevsky,” Jordan began.

“They’re meeting with them, and at this meeting they say, the Burisma people say we’re under a lot of pressure. We need the United States government to help us out.”

“And of course, five days after this meeting, December 9th, 2015, Joe Biden goes to Ukraine and starts attacking the prosecutor. Now, also at that meeting on December 4th in Dubai, they have a phone call with ‘D.C.’ Now, I don’t know who it was.”

“Mr. Archer said he didn’t know. He wasn’t right there when the phone call happened.”

“He was at a different part of the hotel when that happened. But he knows that there was a call that took place, a call to D.C. Who they talked to, I don’t know.”

“But again, five days after this, Joe Biden takes action, which is the start of this process that now has become somewhat well-known where Joe Biden a few months later says, where he relates, where he gives this talk to the folks in Ukraine, says if you don’t fire Shokin, the prosecutor, you’re not getting the money,” Jordan said.

“Ironically, the same thing they went after President Trump for in the impeachment, but Joe Biden says he did it.”

“That all starts in play on this December 9th speech he gives there. Again, five days after this conversation takes place. So, that to me was sort of the big takeaway from yesterday’s interview.”

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