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Support For Ukraine Is Dwindling Fast

via CNN
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A recent AP-NORC poll shows that nearly half of Americans believe the U.S. is spending too much on aid to Ukraine, with opposition mainly driven by Republicans.

Despite a slight decrease in opposition, many conservative GOP lawmakers are resisting efforts to approve new aid, arguing for a focus on domestic priorities.

“I understand the citizens need help, but I feel like we’re spending way too much money on Ukraine when we have our issues here, on our own soil, that we need to deal with,” said Eric Mondello of Colorado.

“I understand the U.S. has been an ally to others, but I feel like, let’s take care of our people first.”

The Biden administration has been advocating for additional aid, emphasizing the importance of supporting Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

“As President Biden has said, when aggressors don’t pay a price for their aggression, they’ll cause more chaos and death and destruction,” said John Kirby.

“They just keep on going, and the cost and the threats to America and to the world will keep rising.”

Concerns about transparency and oversight of aid spending were also raised.

“We don’t have transparency on where the money is really, really going,” said Republican Peter Einsig.

“It’s a big lump sum.”

Additionally, the poll revealed that Americans’ views on Ukraine as an ally and their perception of U.S. involvement in global issues have evolved.

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