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Lovitz Calls Top Democrat A ‘Self-Loathing Jew’

via Sen. Bernie Sanders.
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Comedic actor Jon Lovitz criticized Sen. Bernie Sanders and members of the Democratic “Squad” for their opposition to Israel, calling Sanders a “self-loathing Jew.”

He also lamented the shift of the Democratic party towards anti-Israel sentiments and criticized Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Lovitz believes the divide among liberals in D.C. and Hollywood regarding the Israel-Hamas war is due to jealousy, fear, and misinformation.

“That’s like asking me, ‘Are you Christian?’ ‘No, no, I’m a Jew for Jesus.’ Well, that’s what it is,” explained Lovitz.

“You know the difference between a communist and a Democratic Socialist? A Democratic Socialist is somebody you vote for, and then they take all your money and give back what they think you need. A communist — they just appoint themselves. There’s no election and they do the exact same thing,” connected the actor.

“That’s the only difference,” he added.

“All my friends that are Jewish, like, they go, Bernie Sanders, self-loathing Jew. You know, what’s wrong with this guy? And that’s what that is. ‘Oh, that’s not true.’ Yeah, it is. Yeah, you are, emphasized the comedian.

‘I don’t like it when people make money. It’s not right. They should only make so much. And then it’s enough,’ said Lovitz, mimicking Sanders.

“Well, you have three homes. You should just have one. ‘That’s none of your business,'” charged Lovitz.

“You know, AOC said?” started Lovitz.

“I don’t care what party she’s in. I think she’s cute. But she’s an idiot.”

He also highlighted the historical context of Palestinians and Israelis and criticized calls for a cease-fire against Hamas.

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