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‘Opportunity for mischief’: Experts alarmed at Pro-Trump Judge Aileen Cannon

via CBS News
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A federal judge appointed by Trump has scheduled his trial for next May, but the pretrial process is moving at a pace that makes a delay almost inevitable, raising concerns about potential interference.

The trial could be delayed until after the November election, potentially allowing Trump to shut down the case if he wins.

The case involves classified evidence, and the judge’s handling of the schedule has led to worries about delays and potential interference.

“It could be seen as a stealth attempt to delay the ultimate trial date without actually announcing that yet,” former CIA attorney Brian Greer said, pressing that there is “pretty much no chance they could go to trial on May 20 with the current schedule.”

“There are valid reasons [to object] from a press perspective and a defense perspective, but it also does provide an opportunity for mischief by the defense as part of the graymail problem that CIPA is supposed to thwart,” former DOJ national security prosecutor David Aaron stated.

“CIPA will thwart the graymail problem, but that does sometimes take time.”

“She’s certainly taken her time to litigate things,” Greer told Politico.

“The signals are of a court that is proceeding slowly and methodically through the process,” added Brandon Van Grack, a former national security prosecutor.

“In order to have a trial by May, the court would just need to push the parties on a tighter deadline.”

“The Department of Justice is trying to do everything in its power ahead of trial to move as expeditiously as possible,” Van Grack said.

“And the court is just reluctant to or resistant to any efforts to expedite the process.”

“The tricky thing is, it puts them in limbo. Another judge could schedule something for May but may not want to, because it’s possible trial will still go in May,” Greer said.

“If you’re a cynic—and I’m not—you might say she deliberately did this.”

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