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Gavin Newsom Gets Fact-Checked After Pushing False Gay ‘Ban’ Narrative

via CBS
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California Governor Gavin Newsom made a false claim on social media about a Tennessee city banning being gay in public, which was quickly debunked by the Community Notes feature on the platform.

The ordinance actually targeted indecent behavior, and a provision banning homosexuality had been removed by unanimous council vote.

“We have to call this out,” Newsom wrote.

“The ordinance did not ban homosexuality, it banned indecent behavior,” the Community Note read.

“There was [a] 70 year old provision that banned homosexuality, however that portion of the ordinance was recently removed on an unanimous vote from the council.”

The feature was introduced by Elon Musk on Twitter to combat misinformation, and it has been used to fact-check posts from various individuals, including world leaders.

“The Ordinance [supplements] existing civil and criminal sanctions for indecent behavior, barring persons who engage in prohibited conduct from sponsoring events on a public space for two years and increasing to five years where the prohibited conduct occurs in the presence of minors,” it said.

Musk praised the system’s effectiveness in a recent interview.

“No system is going to be perfect, but the batting average of Community Notes is incredibly good,” Musk said.

“I’ve actually, frankly, yet to see an incorrect note that survived for more than a few hours.”

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