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U.S. Was Safer, More Respected Under President Trump

via Sky News

Senator Marco Rubio praised former President Trump’s foreign policy in Latin America, criticizing the Biden administration for mistreating allies and making deals with adversaries.

He highlighted the positive impact of Trump’s leadership in the region, emphasizing unity and pro-American policies among countries.

“From the very beginning, I think Trump was the heavy favorite to be the nominee. I said from the beginning, he is the incumbent president, in essence, he is the incumbent Republican president,” Rubio said.

“People want him to be able to finish it. I think having Joe Biden in office has only helped him.

“Even people that don’t like some of the thing that Trump says have to admit that the country was safer, more respected, we didn’t have a mass migration crisis, our economy was better, all these things when Trump was in office.”

“I think there are a lot of people that are like, no matter what we may feel about what he said about this or that, our lives were better and the country was safer.”

Rubio expressed concerns about the current administration’s approach, citing instances of favoring adversaries over allies and the potential consequences of such actions.

“If you think about the Western Hemisphere, when Donald Trump was in the White House, and I worked very closely with him on this, Argentine, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, for a little while Bolivia of all places, and Ecuador, we had this arc of nations in he region all united, not just against Maduro and what he was doing, but with pro-American policies. All that is gone.”

“Argentina is now anti-American, the new president of Columbia is a leftist, anti-American guy who undermines everything we’re for, and Brazil has switched back as well.”

“Maybe some elections were fixed in some of these places, but we went from having a unity in the region that aligned with our views, including in the Caribbean, to now a bunch of countries that have flipped, and a bunch of countries that want to be friendly to the United States that feel like this administration treats their friends bad and their enemies good.”

“We cut deals with Maduro but we are harsh on the president of El Salvador, who was friendly to Trump but this administration has been hostile towards them. We ignore the president of the Dominican Republic and their needs. We actually at one point imposed sanctions on them, visa sanctions because they were trying to deal with illegal immigration from Haiti that was coming into the Dominican Republic. Panama feels ignored. You go down the list of all the countries that want to be friendly to the U.S., the outgoing president of Guatemala was a U.S. ally, he didn’t even go to the Summit of the Americas, because this administration beat him up over the fact that they had socially conservative policies in a socially conservative country.”

“What you hear repeatedly from leaders in the region is that it seems like it is better to be America’s enemy than friend, because if you’re a friend you get sanctioned and mistreated. If you’re the enemy, you get deals and concessions. That’s a very dangerous place to be.”

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