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No Way Palestinian Authority Runs Gaza Again

via CBS
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his opposition to a proposal by U.S. President Joe Biden to restore control of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority (PA) once Hamas is removed from power.

Netanyahu emphasized that after the destruction of Hamas, Gaza would not be governed by a regime that supports terror and indoctrinates about the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews.

He pointed to the PA’s history of encouraging terror and “pay-to-slay” practices, despite the loss of U.S. aid under the Taylor Force Act.

“In Gaza, after the destruction of Hamas, and for a long time thereafter, there will not be a regime that encourages terror, that teaches terror, that funds terror — that also indoctrinates about the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews — this will not be,” Netanyahu pressed.

Netanyahu’s stance is rooted in the PA’s track record, including naming public parks and monuments after terrorists and promoting anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda in educational materials.

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