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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Sums Up Why Trump Needs To Win In 2024

via WFAA on Youtube

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is set to endorse former President Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican candidacy during their meeting at the US-Mexico border.

Trump had previously endorsed Abbott in 2021, and the governor is now reciprocating the favor.

Trump’s visit to Texas will draw attention to the issue of illegal immigration and border security, with Trump promising a large-scale deportation effort if re-elected.

Border security has been a priority for Abbott, who recently enacted a controversial bill allowing state law enforcement to arrest suspected unauthorized migrants.

“The legislation would make it a misdemeanor crime for noncitizens to improperly enter Texas from a foreign nation—for example, by swimming across the Rio Grande from Mexico,” the Texas Observer wrote.

“After arrest, the bill empowers magistrates or judges to, with the arrestee’s consent, order the person to return to the nation from which they entered rather than face prosecution.”

“An individual who declines this option faces up to six months in jail, after which they will be subject to an identical order to leave the country and likely be transported by police to the nearest international bridge. Refusing to comply with these self-deportation orders is a separate felony offense.”

This legislation has faced heavy opposition from Democrats.

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