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Democratic Dark Money Funding ‘Nonpartisan’ Supreme Court Watchdogs

via CBC News: The National
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Nonpartisan Supreme Court watchdogs, demanding conservative justices disclose more about their finances, received millions of dollars from the largest Democratic-allied dark money network in the United States in 2022.

The watchdogs have been targeting Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito over trips and gifts they accepted but did not report.

The funds came from left-wing grantmakers, including Arabella Advisors, prompting investigations by Washington, D.C., Attorney General Brian Schwalb.

“Arabella Advisors and the dark money groups it advises specialize in cultivating pop-up front groups to make their extreme agenda sound locally-run or nonpartisan,” president of the conservative Judicial Crisis Network Carrie Severino stated.

“It’s no surprise they’re behind the campaign to discredit originalist justices.”

The conservative Judicial Crisis Network criticized these groups, highlighting their connections to Arabella Advisors and their campaign to discredit originalist justices.

“These groups lie through their teeth, claiming they are nonpartisan, good government watchdogs,” expressed former general counsel for the Office of Management and Budget, Mark Paoletta.

“In fact, they are partisan propagandists doing the bidding of their left-wing billionaire donors, who have given these front groups the assignment of attacking the constitutionalist justices at all costs by manufacturing phony ethics scandals to undermine trust in the Supreme Court,” he added.

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