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Watching Ukraine Burn Through Ammo Has The US Army Rethinking Its Supply

via The Sun on Youtube
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The ongoing war in Ukraine has led to a significant depletion of ammunition, prompting the US Army to reevaluate its production and stockpiling strategies.

With a focus on modernizing its processes, the Army aims to increase 155mm artillery shell production to meet demands for itself, allies like Ukraine and Israel, and potential future conflicts.

The conflict has highlighted the importance of artillery and the need for a stronger supply chain.

Douglas R. Bush reportedly spoke about the incident with Business Insider.

The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology said, “The Army is looking very closely at the war in Ukraine and how munitions are used to inform our decisions regarding munitions requirements.”

“Recognizing the use of large quantities of artillery on both sides of the conflict, the Army is investing to better prepare for potential conflict and to support Ukraine as they continue to fight for their freedom,” continued Bush.

“The Army began making investments over a year ago in our organic and commercial industrial base to accelerate production and improve capacity for 155mm and other munitions, in order to meet demands for Ukraine, allied partners, and US stockpile requirements,” Bush explained.

Bush highlighted that “This conflict has allowed the Army to recognize that challenge of implementing multiple initiatives to expand industrial capacity without disrupting current production.”

Bush denied that finances or firearms had been diverted from Ukraine.

“Nothing that was being shipped to Ukraine got redirected,” Bush reportedly said about Israel getting weapons from U.S. stockpiles.

He added that The U.S. opened weapons caches already located in Israel and included an undisclosed amount of extra weaponry from the U.S. stockpile

Both Ukraine and Russia have heavily relied on foreign partners for munitions, and the US has recognized the challenges and insights presented by this conflict.

The Army is working to ramp up production to meet the demand, recognizing the potential benefits for both allies and domestic stockpiles.

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